Rugs Type

Hand Made Rugs

These rugs are manufacture in Asian countries, in particularly, Nepal, Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, and China. Some of these rugs are considered as investment, because their value tends to appreciate with time. There are different types of hand-made rugs: knotted, tufted and flat weave.


a. Hand Knotted Rugs

These are the "true" rugs. They are woven by hand, and one rug could easily take pretty long time..
The tighter and the closer the knots, the better the quality of the rug.
Vegetable dyes will make the color of the rug last for longer time. Some syntactic dyes will run and fade faster but there are available in more variety of colors and shades.
The corners have to be perfectly square (form an angle of 90 degrees).
The pattern and the designs of good hand made rugs are usually the results of the weavers and have their own uniqueness.


b. Hand Tufted Rugs

Punching yarn in a cloth that is attached to a frame usually makes these rugs, and their backs are glued with latex for protection after the hooking of yarn is done. They are very plush, inexpensive and easier to make than hand knotted rugs. The technology is advancing in this field, and machines also are currently producing these rugs.


c. Flat Weave Rugs

These rugs are also called "Shaggy." They are usually made of wool, cotton, bamboo, or nylon. They are easier to make and are lesser expensive. Because they are looped, these rugs can unravel if a thread is pulled.